About Us


Welcome to Punky Bohemian! I am a mom, wife, daughter, sister, career woman and small business owner from Houston, Texas. I have worked in the Beauty Industry for over 30 years and enjoy all of the aspects of the industry, including fun fashion that doesn’t have to be expensive. 

I decided to start this small business in 2019, simply because I have always wanted a small boutique. I love mixing and matching different trends and styles. I don’t always stick to one fashion trend, I enjoy it all. If I wore something and someone stopped to compliment me, not only was I flattered but often surprised by the next comment that was usually made. It was “you are the only one Monica that can get away with wearing that” I find that funny, but it simply doesnt have to be that way. I dress how I eel, if it makes me happy and I feel confident then I wear it. I wanted to share that with others and that is ok to not follow all of the fashion “rules” or what other people may think. Just be you! If you enjoy the Punky Style or the style of a busy Bohemian…just go for it! Hopefully my collection of items will inspire you.